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About us

In early November 2010 Bottle Cellars opened it's doors for the first time. It was a small wine shop whose mission was to offer quality and affordable wines in an informative, enjoyable and unique shopping environment. As time went on Bottle Cellars starting expanding it's selection by adding cheese, whiskey, and craft beer to the products it sold. After a few years a small patio was added and we began offering wines by the glass along with simple cheese and charcuterie boards. Everything was going great but after five years in business something became obvious, our customers wanted more... and so did we.

Cellar House

In 2015 we expanded and added a small wine bar we named Cellar House next door to Bottle Cellars. The premise was simple, keep selling the same quality and affordable wines we had been, but offer our customers an appropriate and relaxing place to enjoy them. We also expanded our food menu beyond simple cheese and charcuterie boards to include flatbreads, sliders, and small plates. As time went on the menu at Cellar House began to evolve and we started to notice a change. No longer were our guests coming in for a drink and snack before or after dinner, they were coming in for dinner. Our small wine bar had transformed itself into a restaurant. We were thrilled, and business started to boom. But there was a problem, our kitchen wasn't designed to handle the volume of food we were starting to serve. So after five more years of business it was time to find a new home.

Luckily for us

the search for a new home didn't take us too long or too far away. On June 17th, 2020 Cellar House re-opened in its new home at 5634 Telegraph Road, just one mile north of its original location. With more seating, a larger patio, and a bigger and better equipped kitchen we are excited for what the future holds.



5634 Telegraph Road
St. Louis, MO


Sunday - Monday: Closed
Tuesday - Thursday: 4 pm - 9pm
Friday - Saturday: 4pm - 10pm